Youth Work: At Some Time They Will Walk Away

This week Humak organized international Future in Our Hands -seminar for its partners. The topic of the week was to discuss international perspective in Youth Work, NGO and Cultural Management. One specific theme was Differences between Youth Cultures in Europe.

We had the pleasure to discuss with Margaret Finch who comes from Tralee, Ireland. Margaret teaches youth work and her passion is working with children and young people.

– ”I am trying, trough teaching, to educate more people who can help young people”, Finch tells and continues -”Youth worker knows when s/he has succeeded in her/his job. At some moment they [young customers]  will walk away, because they have found the strength to go on.

Margaret Finch
Margaret Finch and Tiina Ristinen during Future in Our Hands -seminar. Photo: Aliisa Piirla

Three students from Tralee are having their Erasmus exchange term in Finland. Margaret Finch arrived just  few days ago and she has enjoyed her time in here. She loves the combination of snow on the ground and the really strong blue sky at the same time. – ”In Ireland, when we get snow it is dark, grey and cold. Even though when it is -2 Centigrades here in Finland, it doesn’t feel cold at all, she wonders.

Margaret is also fond of the spirit of enjoyment of the moment in Finland. She has observed and people in Jyväskylä don’t rush from place to another but stay and enjoy the weather and have a nice cup of coffee somewhere. – ”If you are in Ireland you will see people who are rushing from destination to another without stopping. Here you see that people really appreciate such small things, they are taking it slowly”, she concludes.

Text: Mariëlle van Schaik, Erasmus Exchange Student from Netherlands and Aino Jääski, Humak Culture Management Student
Photo: Aliisa Piirla